About Me

More than 30 years of experience as a legal secretary for top law firms and lawyers in South Africa and now also in the UK.

Legal Secretary since 1982

I was born in South Africa in 1963 in Krugersdorp, Roodepoort.

I obtained a Diploma as a National Legal Secretary in 1982 from Witwatersrand Technikon whereafter I immediately commenced employment at Edward, Nathan & Friedland Incorporated where I worked as a secretary in High and Magistrate’s court matters.

From there, my career has grown vastly in the legal fields in which I have worked as a legal secretary and I have made myself a valuable asset to various law firms within South Africa and now also in the UK.

My History

My experience and history in the field of law is as follows:

From 2013 onwards with my emigration to the UK, I started the VLS project with the desire to provide law firms in the UK and South Africa with secretarial expertise across various parts of the legal field. Since starting the VLS project, I’ve attended to Dictaphone typing of legal and university transcripts and since 2018 I moved onto mostly preparation, formatting and reviewing of agreements and typing up of court documents for various law firms.


Werksmans Attorney

Position Held : Senior Personal Assistant/Paralegal in High and Magistrate’s Court Litigation
Duration : 1 November 2010 – 7 September 2012


Webber Wentzel

Position Held : Personal Assistant in Corporate Services and Deceased Estates
Duration : 1 June 2005 – 31 August 2010


Hofmeyr Herbstein & Gihwala Inc.

Position Held : Personal Assistant in Commercial Department (Building and all other Contracts)
Duration : 2 May 2000 – 31 May 2005


Mostert & Bosman

Position Held : Personal Assistant/Paralegal in High and Magistrate’s Court Litigation, including MVA Claims (acting obo Defendant)
Duration : 1 July 1996 – end April 2000


Syfret Godlonton Fuller Moore Inc.

Position Held : Labour Law Secretary
Duration : 1 April 1994 – end June 1996


Jan S. De Villiers & Son

Position Held : Personal Assistant / Paralegal in High
Court and Mag Court Litigation; some
Commercial and Estates
Duration : May 1987 – 31 July 1992


TT Baskin & Partners (Johannesburg, Gauteng)

Position Held : Secretary in High and Mag Court Litigation
Duration : 1 July 1985 – end December 1986


Retief Coetzee & Scheepers

Position Held : Secretary in Transport Permits and Magistrate Court Litigation
Duration : 16 August 1984 – 31 June 1985


Edward Nathan & Friedland’s

Position Held : Secretary in High and Magistrate Court

Duration : 1 December 1982 – 15 August 1984

Why Choose An Outsourced Secretary

All lawyers want to work more efficiently, save their clients’ money, save time and make a profit and all that is possible by changing the way you work, starting by hiring an outsourced secretary to improve your workflow. If you’re worried about not having your in-house secretary at your doorstep at your beck and call, don’t worry, you can work as seamlessly with an outsourced secretary as you would if she was sitting in the same office. So what are the real benefits to outsourcing you may ask?

  • You will save between 65 – 75% on salary expenses which leaves you with room to hire more outsourced paralegals, more attorneys and inevitably grow your business more than ever before.
  • You save on taxes – because your secretaries aren’t technically your employees you save on employment taxes, health insurance, workers compensation and office overheads.
  • The use of an outsourced secretary is a tax write-off.
  • Save on office space and IT costs – gone are the days of high-rise buildings with dozens of floors and the costs that accompany it, including the costs related to maintaining your PC’s, telephones, servers and more. With an outsourced secretary, you save up to 100% on these costs which can sometimes be immeasurable.
  • Saving time – With the increase in efficiency and productivity, you are bound to have an endless amount of time on your hands to focus on the important things in your business – concentrate on making sales and winning cases!
  • Higher quality work – because of the fact that most outsourced secretaries (including me) have decades of experience, you are guaranteed to be delivered  a higher standard of work in a shorter time than you would ever before.

Let’s Work Together