When is outsourcing a good idea for lawyers?

by | Feb 4, 2016 | Legal News

It has been practice in law firms for many years to outsource various functions that were classified as “back office” tasks such as the mail room, travel services, IT support, human resources and so forth but as of late, the legal field has decided to start outsourcing tasks that can be classified as closer to the “front office”.

Work classified as “front office” is closer to what lawyers do such as legal research, drafting contracts, or document review by contract lawyers. These fundamental tasks are classified as core business functions.

So why would lawyers outsource this kind of work?

A big task from a lawyers point of view is what we could classify as networking or sales, purely for the fact that most lawyers bill by the hour and as such the more clients they are able to represent the more revenue they are able to bring in to their business. Outsourcing the more administrative core functions benefits them as they are now able to hand over these tasks to reputable companies who have experienced people able to confidentially handle these tasks in a quick turnaround time.

Outsourcing saves costs

Outsourcing these core functions can reduce overheads within a law firm as they no longer need to pay a salary for legal secretaries that may become a burden when the business may be in a low income period. With outsourcing, payment is per hour or per document and as such you can call on these companies at the times when you need them and at other times there will be no expense on this front.

Outsourcing increases productivity

Because outsourcing companies generally have a team, they are able to provide you with your work in a quicker turnaround time making the processes for lawyers a lot quicker and saving them time in order to do what they are good at doing, sales, court hearings etc.

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