The benefits of a virtual legal secretary

by | Dec 2, 2020 | Other | 0 comments

With all the changes that have taken place during the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the big changes has become the remote work practice which many companies have taken on to prevent the spread of the virus. Many businesses however, have been forced to cut their staff complement in order to reduce overheads and I believe have turned to outsourcing of various tasks and roles. One such role is that of a legal secretary.

When it comes to outsourcing your agreement and document drafting, transcription and other secretarial work, there are immense benefits to outsourcing rather than relying on staff. Here are some of the many benefits that will help you decide whether outsourcing your secretarial work is right for you:

1. Human Resources

When hiring a legal secretary or any other employee for that matter, there is always a barrage of red-tape around working hours, leave days, and office or team culture and if the employee you hired didn’t work out, then letting them go can also be a nightmare. With an outsourced legal secretary, you have none of the baggage that comes with managing a staff complement. 

2. Salaries and Overtime

With an outsourced legal secretary, you have none of these concerns because you pay them for the work they do, you don’t need to worry about managing their leave days or ensuring they are paid overtime in addition to the salary they are already paid when they have to work overtime to meet certain deadlines. When outsourcing, you pay for what you get and not a cent more. You are not bound by paying a salary when there is no work to be done, and you don’t need to pay out bonuses for work well done.

3. Performance Management 

Another area where management is heavily required is in the performance of staff members, which requires management of their day-to-day and the outcomes of their work based on specific periods and can often result in many performance management and/or disciplinary meetings before a solid decision can be made about the employee’s future at your firm. With an outsourced legal secretary, you pay for deliverables and if you are not entirely pleased with the quality of the work, you can simply request it be done to your standard before payment takes place.

4. Office Space & Amenities

If you’re outsourcing your secretarial work, you are reducing your overheads by each person that you’re outsourcing to due to the fact that you don’t need to pay for a laptop, a desk, a desk chair, daily coffees and teas, and stationery, among other things. When you outsource, these costs are covered by the person you outsource to, reducing your running costs. If you’re doing a lot of work through outsourcing, you can even cut costs by reducing your office space. 

These are only a few of the benefits of outsourcing your secretarial work, and these benefits are not limited to secretarial work, by outsourcing a variety of tasks and roles, you can run your entire organisation through outsourcing and see greater results, less drama and lower overheads.