Hiring a virtual legal secretary

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As law firms take on more clients and expand, the rate responsibilities grow too. It can become difficult to manage the day-to-day tasks of running a law firm effectively as it grows. In turn, it can also lead to your growth slowing down over time. As a result, there may be gaps in your operations, which can impact the quality of your work and output. This can be prevented with the use of virtual legal secretaries. 

You may not be sure of what to even look for when hiring a virtual secretary, but with the guidance of this blog post, The Virtual Legal Secretary can assist you in making better hiring decisions for the future. 

Ask For Experience  

Experience is invaluable in law and can assist your newly hired virtual legal secretary get acquainted with your work. By requesting this as a major hiring point, you can have a better selection of candidates to choose from without feeling pressured to hire just because they have specific qualifications. Skills also play a significant role with new hires. It is unlikely that you have time to show them how to use commonly used computer systems or send out calendar invitations. Thus, computer proficiency, typing and clerical administration skills are crucial. 

Request Upskilled Resumes 

When deciding between candidates for a virtual legal secretary position, take into consideration any additional skills they may have that can benefit you. For example, having social media management and content writing skills or experience can assist in today’s world where clients want to feel connected online. 

Search For A Go-Getter

There is a high possibility that your new hire will be required to perform several different tasks on the average business day. These can include invoicing, client calls, drawing up reports and managing the office’s requirements. This will also require a new hire to take the lead of certain departments and, in some cases, take the initiative of having the firm running as smoothly as possible. You should set the expectation that you require someone who can manage working across different sectors of your firm to ensure that you hire a candidate who is not inundated on the first day. 


Being in desperate need of more help can leave you feeling overwhelmed and even uncertain. Hiring another resource for your firm may have you doubting if you even have the budget to do so. And the entire process can be daunting, time-consuming and tedious. However, if you follow this useful and simple guide, you can ensure you find the right fit for virtual legal secretaries for your law firm with ease. 

For high-quality outsourced secretarial services, The Virtual Legal Secretary can provide you with exceptional work and peace of mind. Contact me today to see how can I can assist you.