What I do

My focus as a virtual legal secretary is on civil law with experience in drafting of various types of agreements, documents, research papers and more.

I offer outsourced secretarial services to law firms and barristers anywhere within the UK at the nominal rate of £27.50 per hour and in South Africa at the nominal rate of R185.00 per hour for the typing and formatting of all legal documentation and transcriptions.

High & Magistrate Court Documents

I’m highly experienced in the drafting of civil High and Magistrate’s court documents in all the relevant standard formats. During the latter years since residing in the UK, I’ve mostly focused on only the typing, proofreading and/or formatting, etc. of High Court documents.


I have over the last 20+ years specialised in the preparation of, formatting and/or proofreading of various Corporate agreements, i.e. Building Contracts and the like and have since residing in the UK, continued mostly in this area. 

Due Diligence

Over the span of my career I have attended to the typing of and preparation of documents for due diligences and have since residing in the UK attended mostly to the typing of, formatting and/or proofreading of the due diligence documents.

Research Papers

Since residing in the UK, I have typed up (from Dictaphone) many research papers for universities and NPO’s.

Reports, Newsletters, Letters, Theses Etc.

I have over the span of my career and currently attend to the drafting and typing of various letters, etc.

Any Other Legal Documentation

As  I’ve spent my career in large law firms and have attended to a variety of legal aspects, I have a vast knowledge of and experience in a variety of legal areas like MVA claims (obo Defendant); Deceased estates; Labour Law and the like (more specifically South African law).

I pride myself in making my clients’ lives easier and stress free and ensuring I deliver superior quality work on time. The above is a list of what I offer as a standard but should you wish to utilize my services in other areas, please feel free to contact me.

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